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Training in Japan
ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR KARATE? Then one day you may want to come on a dojo trip to train in Japan! The birthplace of traditional karate. Training in Japan is an amazing experience and as a member of our dojo you  have access to the world headquaters in Okinawa, Japan. Our Dojo students have made several trips to train at the birthplace of karate. If you are interested in going and training in Japan, be sure to talk to us at the dojo about it.  Sensei has spent a lot of time there and knows good places to stay/ visit and can give you letters of introduction to many of the senior sensei. We can also help you with booking flights through a Japanese travel agent that we have found to get good prices on tickets. The easiest way though is to keep an eye out on the IOGKF events section of our site for upcoming Japan seminars and events.
      Buchwald Sensei with Students at Shuri Gate in Okinawa, Japan
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