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Jan 2013 News
Check this page each month for the upcoming events at the dojo.
We will be closed Monday Jan 21st for MLK
This is the new 2012 Kids karate T shirts
we will have them in the dojo on Friday May 13th Red shirts with black lettering/ logo. We will have alimited supply of all kids sizes reserve yours today! only $12.00 each
Sizes avaialble: Ch S ChM ch L
New DOJO T shirts are here!
This is the new adult t-shirts and sweatshirt
we have them in black with white lettering or ash grey with black lettering . A limited supply of shirts available reserve one today, just send an email to the dojo with quantity and , size and color.
Adult sizes available in both grey and black and now green and blue!!
ad M ad L ad XL ad 2 XL
If you need a belt test form you can print one out below
Belt_Test_Application.pdf (PDF — 251 KB)
Heavy Weight Uniforms
We have a few heavyweight Gi in stock at the moment. These are especially good for newer students who have yet to upgrade from there beginer " Pajama Gi" .The Heavweight uniform are 100% cotton and wont stick to your body when you sweat unlike the polyester uniforms.
Only $70.00 each
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