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Each Month we will feature a different student, they will talk a little something about their experience in the martial arts and training at Zanshin Dojo.
Dennis Busche
Grade:  Shodan Black Belt
I have been a part of Zanshin Dojo since December of 2003.  I have been training in the martial arts, in one form or another, since 1976 at the age of 18, when I started Shorin-Ryu karate in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Over the years, I have lived in several cities and trained at different karate schools across the USA. I arrived in the Bay Area in 2002 and looked for a Dojo I could feel a part of.  I stopped by Sensei Mirko's Balboa school one evening to watch a class and quickly could tell he had a lot of intensity, enthusiasm, and ability.  I joined immediately.
            The martial arts have been an integral part of my life at every phase. My two biggest passions in life have been law enforcement and aviation, and I have been lucky enough to have continually been involved in both. I was a police officer in Sacramento for six years after the USAF, before I began pilot training.  I currently am an airline pilot for FedEx and a Federal Air Marshal. I hope to be a defensive tactics instructor for law enforcement officers in the future. 
            I see karate training as a life-long process of mental and physical development, which benefits any career or endeavor.  We learn discipline, awareness, courage, challenge, perseverance, pain management, how to train our mind and body, to face our fears, and to never give up.  These traits apply directly to our personal and professional lives.  I do not know where I would be if I did not have my training to help me through the difficulties of an accidental shooting, police work, my academic education, divorce, raising kids, and being a pilot, to name a few. I feel a correlation in everything I do to the martial arts.
            I look forward to meeting and training with all of you.  There is something to learn from everyone.  If I could think of one thing to pass on to everyone, it would be to never give up...finish what you begin.  As Tom Hanks said in the movie, "Castaway", "The sun will rise again...."
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