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Sensei's Blog Aug 2013
Summer is upon us and while many students are out on vacation we are having a great summer at the dojo. we have had quite a few visitors from around the country and around the world. I think its great to meet our fellow students from other places as it not only gives you a sense of the scale of our organization but also you get to see directly the international standard of our karate. being a member really is a fantastic thing as you can drop into dojo's all over the world. If you are traveling this summer be sure to take along your gi and ask me of a local dojo at your vacation destination.
We have the adult Shinkyu karate tournament coming up in Aug 25th i hope we can take a solid team to compete in this years event. i will be looking to put a team together this month and start training for it. This is a good chance to come up with a good motivation for a solid summer of training.
Sensei Mirko
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Until next month
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