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The History of our Dojo
Zanshin MAC was established in 1998 by Sensei Mirko Buchwald. It is a branch of IOGKF International and it follows the same objectives as IOGKF International. Some of these objectives are to spread values and the teachings of traditional karate to the next generation as a great intangible treasure and by teaching karate, instructing the younger generation to be better human beings and in turn, making the world a better place in which to live.
In 1997, Sensei Buchwald was teaching at various locations around the city but decided to open a full time location as to fully establish Goju Ryu in SF, he felt a full time dojo was needed. So on a Sunday afternoon while driving around various city neighborhoods Sensei Buchwald spotted a small empty commercial store on 19th and Balboa St that would become the 1st full time dojo. On June, 27th 1998 Zanshin Dojo or (Nihon Karate as it was first called) officially opened its doors. By Jan 2000 the dojo had grown to almost 100 members and we decided to move to the 2051 Balboa St dojo which is where the dojo stayed for the next 8 years. In March of 2007 our 2nd location opened at 640 Stanyan St a dojo that has now taken on a life of its own. In April of 2008 we once again moved our Balboa Dojo to the massive Geary dojo, unfortunately the city wouldn't allow us to operate the dojo at this location due to various code issues. After fighting with the city for a year and a half we decided to relocate over to our Stanyan Dojo which is where we train today. The Stanyan Dojo is now the mecca for traditional Goju Ryu karate in San Francisco and classes are now offered 7 days a week at this location.
Photos from over the years at Zanshin Dojo and dojo related events
zanshin DojoZanshin DojoZanshin DojoZanshin Dojo
beach trainingGarret, Alex, Kail & KevinScott,Alex, May & AdilWeapons class
Black Belt gradingold tournamnet picShuri Casle 2004Shingu Sensei Seminar
Ocean Beach 2008Chris, May and AdilGeary Dojo August 2009Francisco and Paul
back row end Delfin Front RobertGeary Dojo August 2009Geary Dojo August 2009Geary Dojo August 2009
students in japanstudents in Japanstudents in Japanstudents in Japan
cherry blossom festivalcherry blossom festival 2009cherry blossom festival 2009cherry blossom festival 2009
Geary dojoGeary dojokids belt testSkinyu Shotokan seminar
shinkyu tournament 2007valley tournamnet 2007dojo summer camp 2006Sensei fighting
Demo in Japan 2004Sensei fightingbalboa dojocherry blossom demo
japan 2003Dragon times magazine cover the dojo mascotbaby puma
old dojo addjapanjapanShinkyu tourmamnet 2006
Shingu SeminarGeary Dojochris edwards2006
2006junior black beltsbeach trainingkids sparring
beach trainingShingu Sensei seminar
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