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Belt tests and requirments
A grading is an examination of all aspects of karate, for example, kihon (basics), kata, kumite, and so on. Each candidate must achieve the minimum level required for the  particular grade being attempted in each of the categories listed. It is not acceptable to be proficient only in one area while lacking in others - i.e. strong in kumite and weak in kata. Dojo etiquette, manner and attendance are also taken into account.
Each candidate must be an up-to-date member of their dojo and of the IOGKF.
All candidates who are eligible to grade will be invited to test at the discretion of their dojo head .Each grading candidate must have their grading fees paid prior to the
examination. Additionally, the student should not have any outstanding
training fees. For a dan (black belt) grading, the dan registration fee and the grading fee must be paid in advance and the dan registration form must be completed. If the dan grade candidate fails to pass the grading, the registration fee will be  refunded.
The minimum age for Shodan (1st degree black belt) is 18 years. Students eligible for black belt testing under 18 years of age will be awarded Junior Shodan.
Minimum Time and Attendance Requirements
Grading candidates will be chosen by your sensei according to your technical abilities, attitude, manners, etiquette, class attendance, years of training and age. The following are the minimum requirements for both attendance and period of training. In addition to these minimum requirements, it is mandatory for the student to show improvement from their last grading. Time and classes by themselves is not sufficient.
Below black Belt
10th kyu         Two months / 16 classes
9th kyu          Two months / 20 classes
8th kyu          Two months / 24 classes
7th kyu          Three months / 30 classes
6th kyu          Three months / 35 classes
5th kyu          Three months / 35 classes
4th kyu           Three months / 40 classes
3rd kyu           Four months / 45 classes
2nd kyu          Four months / 45 classes
1st kyu          Four months / 50 classes
Junior Black Belt requirments
Jr. Shodan Kakyu I (min age 10)      6 months from 1st kyu
Jr. Shodan Kakyu II (min age 12)    6 months from 1st kyu
Jr. Shodan Chukyu (min age 14)        6 months from 1st kyu
Jr. Shodan Jokyu (min age 16)        6 months from 1st kyu
Shodan (min age 18)                        6 months from 1st kyu
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